Maxfield Parrish “Classic Edition” Limited Prints


Maxfield Parrish “Classic Edition” Limited Prints
Size: 28″ H x 22″ W



Maxfield Parrish “Classic Edition” Limited Prints

Each unique image has been issued in an edition limited to one thousand prints. The stamp and the imprimatur of the American Illustrators Gallery are both embossed below the images certifying and verifying the reproduction quality, colors and presentation. These prints have been taken directly from the original underlying artworks and other than the original, are the most accurate depictions extant. They have been printed with fade resistant inks on Warren Lustro Offset Enamel archival paper, the images are then tipped into debossed panels of Strathmore cover stock.

A parchment sheet describing the history of the artist, the printing process and the materials used is attached as a colophon sheet for protective reasons; most owners remove this colophon sheet, insert it into an envelope and attach it to the reverse side for future informational purposes and posterity.

Unframed, single prints: $175
Unframed, set of 4: $600

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Sleeping Beauty, Morning, Cinderella, Aquamarine, Set of 4